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What We Do

Back to School initiative

To ensure a quality education for all, which can be done through steps that help the learning gap and admit students who had dropped out into private schools (by leveraging section 134) as well as in govt. schools as per the economic condition of the parents. We designed a life skills curriculum for 6-14 years children to develop empathy, interpersonal, critical thinking, design & creative thinking, and cognitive skills through experiential learning.

School Transformation program

Under this program, we focus on teacher's teaching practices and development to leverage the existing system. The main objective of the program to create a positive learning environment in the classroom and to Provide exposure to the 14-19 years children to identify their own interest area where they can convert their potential into capabilities.

Women Leadership Development Program

When we started with children we realised that it's very important to maintain the social-emotional need of the child's mother as she spends most of her time with a child. Anubhuti works for poor women living in urban slums in India who face any sort of abuse. It works with the aim to provide them with a life of dignity and make them independent. This program focus on self-awareness, defense training, sexuality, and reproductive rights, and more.

Programs: What We Do
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