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Avdhesh Kumar


Mr. Avdhesh Kumar has 40 years of experience in Law with a background in civil cases where he honed his knowledge of substantive Law and Legal Procedure. Adept at managing successfully a large caseload. He is the most senior lawyer and has a record of not losing a single case. He has completed his Graduation in B.Sc Biology from the University of Agra but he always wanted to serve needy people from any background so he decided to choose law as a weapon to bring change. He completed his LLB and now practicing in the civil Court of Jalalabad, Shahjahanpur Uttar Pradesh. He was also elected as a President of the Bar Association 2 times and contributed for 2 years consistently. He was awarded for his hard work and lifetime achievement by Bar Association, Jalalabad (Shahjahanpur).  He is a confident speaker with strong oral and written communication skills when arguing a case in court, negotiating settlements, and explaining complex information to clients. He was one of the first strong support systems in the journey of the Anubhuti Foundation and has always pushed us to keep doing what we do and to always bank on our common sense. He also created a space for marginalized people where he provides legal counseling to the farmers and other needy persons to leverage and uplift them free of cost.

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Sakshi Shrivastav


Sakshi holds a master’s degree in Social work from School of Social Work and bachelor’s degree in Botany from Delhi University. From working at the grassroots level as a Gandhi Fellow to policy tables as Chief Minister Good Governance Associate, she developed multidimensional understanding of the issues, processes, bottlenecks and the landscape for solution. She initiated projects to provide support to traditionally marginalized communities to improve their economical, sociological and cultural conditions. The geographical locations where she has operated range from heavily malnaturist and naxalism-affected Chikhaldara/ Gadchiroli to metropolitan capital city New Delhi which contains diverse population sects like tribal, rural, semi-urban and urban. This diverse exposure and deep understanding is making her successful in working directly in collaboration with multiple organizations who share same vision as Anubhuti. She initiated Anubhuti after her graduation with the hope that each child can get an opportunity to access to excellent education. The journey has brought her confidence, caliber to perform in a visionary zeal and clarity of choices regarding life

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Dilip Suthar

Executive Team Member

Having roots in rural India, Dilip has a strong grip on local issues. He remains enthusiastic to solve problems and eager to explore, learn, unlearn and relearn. He completed his B.Sc. from Rural Technology & Management and Masters in Social Work from JRN Rajasthan Vidyapeeth University, Udaipur.

He has got more than 6 years’ of experience in development sector and now leading Anubhuti to bring educational equity. Being himself a dropped-out student after class 12th, the very purpose of Anubhuti resonates with himself. Dilip has supported Anubhuti to build a team of 22 young and aspiring girls from rural Haryana to work on the grassroots level, bringing systemic changes to impact 3300 out-of-school and dropped-out children. He was involved in almost all the processes such as program designing, implementation, impact evaluation, and peoples' functioning. He carries a vision of bringing educational equity at the grassroots with focused intervention towards out of school and dropped-out children across India.

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Aniketh Mendonca

Executive Team Member

A multi-potentiality by nature, Aniketh has been involved in a variety of things over the last decade. His education includes studying science, humanities, hospitality & media at SCM Sophia. His career with media began in a startup where he took on various roles; after which, he moved to a digital marketing agency that catered to brands like NBA, Sony Sports Network & IPL.
In the last three years, he has ventured into the development sector, beginning with the Gandhi Fellowship wherein he worked on improving the quality of education in Government Primary Schools in Uttarakhand. During that time, He initiated a project to use sports to inculcate life skills in school children which were projected to impact nearly 5000 children. Aniketh is currently working with ELMS Sports Foundation to improve Physical Education in schools. He intends to use my varied skill set and experience to impact the lives of many in the future, especially through sports!

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Anurag Mishra

Executive Team Member

Anurag comes from the state of Uttarakhand where he also completed his early studies. With the aim of becoming a space scientist, he chose the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (Asia’s first Space University) and majored in space sciences. Currently, he is serving as Scientist ‘C’ in National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC), ISRO, Govt. of India, Hyderabad.
In his 3 years of experience in ISRO, he has worked primarily in the Remote Sensing technology where he has used satellite data to derive water quality maps of river Ganga to support the National Mission for Clean Ganga. He is also part of Govt. of India’s ambitious program ‘National Hydrology Project’ under the Ministry of Jal Shakti. During his graduation, he was part of a university-level initiative called ‘Nirmaan’ wherein school-going children from class 6th to 12th were assisted in their studies inside the IIST campus on weekends. Where he used to take Mathematics courses Integral and Differential Calculus for class 12th students. He has also organized Spic MacKay, Trivandrum Chapter in 2015, while closely working with its founder Dr. Kiran Sethi. Anurag believes that the solution to the challenges faced by humanity lies in the prudent use of technology.


Monica Lamba

Executive Team Member

Monica took admission to Miranda House College aiming to be a graduate in Botany but by the end of her three years of graduation, she was much more than just a graduate. She became aware of the misfortunes of certain sections of society through personal experience. Willing to pursue higher education, she chose forensic science (at NICFS) as her subject in post-graduation. For her dissertation, she went to collect samples in rural schools and realized that the staff was doing their best with the resources they had but wondered why the resources were limited. After post-graduation, she worked in Forensic Science Laboratory, Delhi for two years at the post of Scientific Assistant in Biology Division.