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Women Empowerment

Women Leadership Development Program

When we started with children we realized that it's very important to maintain the social-emotional need of the child's mother as she spends most of her time with a child. Anubhuti works for poor women living in urban slums in India who face any sort of abuse. It works with the aim to provide them with a life of dignity and make them independent. This program focus on self-awareness, sexuality, and reproductive rights, and more.


To promote good self-esteem especially in at-risk and disadvantaged girls/women, provide an environment to inspire and empower girls/women to make better life decisions, and educate girls/women on issues that affect their social, emotional spiritual, and physical well-being.

How we do 

Anubhuti is a catalyst for bringing about social, economic, and legal empowerment of underprivileged women. Our solution is based on a 3-dimensional approach:

  1. Legal awareness/counseling

  2. Capacity building and skilling of rural women

  3. Rehabilitation through encouraging business acumen and entrepreneurship

Impact Story

Vriddhi - Mission for Women Empowerment

  • Started a rural boutique in Chikhaldara, Maharashtra which provides big support to the tribal women of the village to earn with dignity, learn new skills, and also it is providing them a platform to showcase their talent. Anubhuti executed a public support pilot project on the "Women Leadership Development Program" in the villages of Chikhaldara. We found one of the root causes is the unemployment of the family which leads to migration that causes drop out of the students. Digging deep down into the solution, we found the Vriddhi project. Currently, with the support of Rambhau (Master trainer), a training center for tribal women is running smoothly, where women are coming into one platform and learning tailoring skills like excellent hand-sewing and machining skills, creativity and the ability to visualize designs, pattern making, and cutting skills, accuracy and attention to detail, and budgeting, etc. So that they can generate employment opportunities around themselves. We are focusing on clean handwork practice for 6 months and also they have accomplished their order of making 150 bags and selling it out all of them while making a profit out of that of their own. In the coming years, we aspire to target 10 villages near Bahrugavan village and work with more than 10,000 women. Vriddhi resembles constant growth and never stops.

  • We have also conducted health and hygiene awareness sessions with more than 1500 girls and women of Chikhaldara, Amravati Maharashtra as this is a very malnourished area of Chikhaldara. These workshops are designed with the help of the Goonj organization and conducted in 5 villages.

Women Empowerment: Programs
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